It takes committed teachers and administrators willing to set high expectations and offer engaging curricula that make strong personal connections for their students. It takes schools where students are not just prepared to take and pass standardized tests, but where they are taught how to play a conscious , active role in society, how to recognize and combat racism and other institutionalized inequities and how to work in pursuit of the dream of social and global justice. -- Anita Perna Bohn, Illinois State University
  • District Affirmative Action Officer for Montclair Public Schools
    Eileen Gilbert, Assistant Director of Human Resources 
    [email protected]
    973-509-4020 x50202
  • Your Affirmative Action Officer, AAO, has the responsibility to coordinate and implement the district's efforts to comply with the regulations of N.J.A.C. 6A:7 and to promote a working and learning environment free of discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability. This person also serves as the district's Title IX Coordinator (Prohibiting Sexual Discrimination in Education). 
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed but not anonymity as witnesses must be questioned.
  • The Montclair Public Schools remains dedicated to assure staff members and students of a safe working environment free of discrimination.
  • What if I feel I have experienced discrimination? Fill out the district grievance form located on the website under "Affirmative Action.”

Contact your building representative for an appointment (list of building representatives are available in the front office of every school as well as on the website under “Affirmative Action.”)

There will be an intake session and an investigation launched.

The results/conclusion of the investigation will be sent to you in writing.

You are guaranteed confidentiality but not anonymity as witnesses must be questioned.

Steps of a Grievance (Please see district procedure for more details.)

Step #1 - The grievant must present the complaint in written form to the responsible person designated as the Affirmative Action Building Representative, or the grievant may present his/her concern directly to the District Affirmative Action Officer.

Step #2 - The Affirmative Action Building Representative/District Affirmative Action Officer will provide a written response.

Step #3 - If the grievant is not satisfied, the grievant may appeal within ten-working days to the District Superintendent.

Step #4 - Response by the Superintendent within five working days from the time the appeal is received by the Superintendent.

Step #5 - If the grievant is not satisfied at this level, an appeal may be made within ten working days to the Montclair Board of Education.

Step #6 – The Montclair Board of Education shall respond to the grievant within thirty calendar days from the hearing date.

Step #7 - If the grievant is not satisfied with Board's decision, the grievant can have it referred to the County Superintendent of Schools.

Step #8 - The grievant maintains the right to by-pass the grievance procedure and submit the complaint directly to the appropriate state or federal agency.

Please feel free to contact your school's Affirmative Action Representative or the District Affirmative Action Officer with any questions or concerns. 

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