Mathematics Information

The middle school math program at Buzz Aldrin varies depending on each student’s grade level and level of mathematics proficiency. Our students meet every other day for 80 minutes as part of our block schedule.

General Math Courses

Our sixth-grade students take the Math 6 course, which involves units on ratios and proportional relationships, the number system, expressions and equations, geometry, and statistics and probability. Differentiated instruction is used to meet the needs of the students at all levels. This course serves as the foundation for entering the Algebra program.

In seventh grade, our students take the Algebra A course. This course is comprised of a mixture of algebraic standards as well as 7th grade NJSLS content standards. This course is essentially the same as the first half of a high school Algebra I course, along with grade level standards included.

In eighth grade, our students take the Algebra B course. This is comprised of the second half of an Algebra I course while covering 8th grade NJSLS content standards.

Accelerated Math Courses

We do offer accelerated math courses that our students must qualify for. If students meet the prerequisite requirements, then they will be placed into an accelerated course. We offer the following accelerated courses; Algebra A Accelerated, Algebra B Accelerated, and Geometry. Criteria for placement into the accelerated courses is based on midterm scores, final exam scores, teacher recommendation, and a placement exam score. In order to remain in the accelerated courses, we require students to maintain an 87% cumulative average or higher. Research indicates that students are most successful if they can maintain this score or higher in the accelerated program.

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