The Buzz Aldrin Mathematics Staff

Ms. Paulette Schlatmann
Ms. Kate Megdanis
Ms. Christin Perillo
Ms. Margaret Saraco
Ms. Jennifer D'Agostino
Dr. Twana Davisson

The Connected Mathematics (CMP) curriculum uses a systematic hands-on approach to teaching mathematics, which consists of eight books for each grade level.

Sixth grade students will be placed in heterogeneous classes. Differentiated instruction will help meet the needs of students at all levels. These classes, as well as seventh and eighth grade classes will cover six CMP books at each grade level. Students needing additional time for instruction will have mathematics everyday for 80 minutes instead of every other day.

In seventh grade, some students may be accelerated in mathematics and be placed in algebra classes. These accelerated classes will cover eight CMP books. These students will have taken an algebra qualifying assessment and achieved a grade of "A" in sixth grade.

Eighth grade students, who have achieved an "A" in the accelerated seventh grade program, will cover eight books in the CMP program and selected topics in the algebra textbook. Students successfully completing this program will enroll in Algebra II High Honors in the ninth grade at Montclair High School. It is expected that all students enrolled in the regular program will enroll in either Algebra I, Algebra I/II, or IMP (Interactive Math Program) in the ninth grade at Montclair High School. Geometry will be offered to those students who qualify.

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