Social Studies

The Buzz Aldrin Social Studies Staff

Mr. Brian Cunado
Mr. Shivan Persad
Mr. Frederick Reissig
Ms. Jessica Eden-Mintz
Mr. Joseph Turner

The Social Studies program at Buzz Aldrin is an exciting, dynamic and engaging curriculum.

6th Grade Social Studies is centered around the study of Ancient World Cultures. Students begin the year with the earliest civilizations in Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent. From there, we travel around the Ancient World studying cultures in Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, China, West African Kingdoms and Middle Ages Europe. As part of our studies of these cultures, students will explore the origins and impacts of the world's major religions. Along the way students also learn about aspects of culture, geography, civics and economics.

7th and 8th Social Studies is a two part U.S. History class.

7th Grade begins with the Pre-Columbian people in the Americas. We then study European exploration, contact and colonization of the Americas. Focus then turns to the 13 British colonies in North America, Pre-Revolutionary War Colonial America, The Revolutionary War and the creation of the United States of America.

8th Grade students begin the year with a unit on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Next comes the Early Presidencies, Westward Expansion, early reform movements, Women's Rights, Abolitionist Movement, causes of the Civil War, the Civil War, and we conclude the year with a unit on Reconstruction.

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